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I want nothing less than exceptional creative thought...
It's silly how little things can set you off, make you think and change your perspective for the day. Today for the first time in ages (and you're gonna laugh at how I'm hyping this) I had sugar in my tea, I was again that 7 year old kid trying to be like Mum and Dad and having tea I drank as a kid, was reminded of memories of living in London, some good some not so great but I felt happy to remember them and it was a lovely cup of tea lol.

Back in Braintree now after again spending some time in Colchester, maybe I shoulda stayed there but I do like being at home, plenty of people who I don't need to explain my weirdness too it's just me!

Also my computer is dying I think, I'm getting times when the graphics on the screen gets all messed up so I have to restart and the sound drivers keep telling me to fuck off and not work! Oh well this is what warranty and all that crazy stuff comes into it, I'm sure my statutory rights shan't be effected but if I slit the throat of a duck now and sware allegiance to OUR dark lord I could be entitled to a charming carriage clock!


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