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I tried being normal and boy howdy did it give me a migraine...
Well I actually forgot I had a profile on here...

So here I am and there we go.

Oh my goodness reading my former ramblings on here it reads like my little sister...least it means we're related and I wasn't adopted after all.

So my new job has really opened my eyes to where I wanna go with my life...well okay I'm still confused as hell but now the path seems a little more clear.

It was suggested to me I could re-train as a nurse or social worker as mainly I want to help care for people. These are all good ideas but as with many things lack of money as ever gets in my damn way!

Been living in Suffolk now for over a year and though I'm not little miss sunshine I'm much happier. That said I'm aching to study again may need to look into things but shall take my time.

Am thinking of looking into courses on autism seeing as it just seems to be a topic that never goes away for me.

Anyways tis nice to be back...see you in another couple of years when I remember I have an account here again ;)