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Sleep is for the tired
So another late night post!

Today despite work being mad as ever I really enjoyed it. It also made me think I need to keep going at it for now because I don't think I'll find experience like this any where else.

I do find I'm becoming less tolerent to ignorance surrounding autism now than ever before. I pretty much snapped at another work mate because I felt he just didn't get it and was just generalising.

Something like autism is far from the cookie cutter perspective some want to think exists. Then again so is so many conditions. I've honestly met people who expect either to meet super geniuses or are shocked when people with autism can do things for themselves. All depends on the sterotype they'e bought into. Battling ignorance on such a topic is like trying to shovel snow with a teaspoon...annoying and you always end up feeling like the stupid one.

Am thinking of doing a OU course in autism just so I can learn more and show others I've gone and learnt too. The student in me is aching to be set free again...ohhhhhh stupid brain why won't you be quiet?


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