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"The hours are pretty good...minutes are lousy though"
Anyways here I am once again putting finger to keyboard.

I've always been slow on the took me 19 years before I realised I could pretty much touch type and it took my brother eight years younger than me to say maybe I was dypraxic. Sometimes life keeps us far too busy to notice we're not staying still either.

So this eases us gently into me talking about how I can't quite believe we're already into the 'er' months (September, October etc). I remember beginning of this year I was scared as hell because I kept having my only job interview in months being postponed because of the snow and still trying to find my headspace living in a newish place.

I'm not gonna be all "can't believe where the time has gone!" it's more September has always been a funny month for me. Despite going to a university that started term in October and now me being employed September always makes me feel a bit like a kid again. The good day time tv is replaced with Jeremy Kyle again, Tesco won't shut up about back to school rubbish and christmas stuff is already in the's truely the emotional limbo of the soul that is September!

I've never been able to break out of my term time mind and there's an element of my mind being trained sadly. I get all optimistic come July, a bit sad in September but then there's the excitement of the coming months. It's less oh yay christmas more that was just an exciting time at school so surely must still be like this? So I guess while things are changing and time goes on I still sometimes feel the same way at certain times. Personally I find these feelings comforting as it's all part and parcel of how I experience things and sometimes coming back to a familiar feeling is comforting and not in a bad way.

So there we go a lovely ol' ramble and I didn't even look at the keyboard once!


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