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Yet another return, a update and a very alternative health kick
Well yes as I should of known I didn't stay here for long. Lots of stuff know real stuffy stuff that really...stuffs you up? Oh well I'm back again to muse about anything and everything.

First a rather big update. I got married in Feb. On my birthday too...well it's Phil's birthday too hence the choice of day. Very small just parents there. After we did the whole getting married thing went for a meal and typical of my poured down with rain. I don't care what the song says there was nothing ironic about it.

And now the health kick. I got fed up at the beginning of the year oh how bloody unhealthy I was for someone at the mere age of 24. So at 25 and married and being told by my dr up with this I shouldn't put I started to think how would I ever get healthy.

For starters I'm not very social so diet clubs really didn't appeal. Same went for gyms and going for runs were no where near on the cards. So I started going for walks...lots of them. They really did help and saw some of the weight come off. Then I decided to save up and get a kinect for my x box. My justification was this would be my awkward person's alternative gym. So every evening I have a kind sounding Canadian woman on some exercise game that I'm "doing great!", how awfully kind.

Now maybe the oddest part. I now go for runs, in my hallway! I'm no where near okay with myself to go out into a gym or run round my village at the moment and crazy as it sounds it works and is safer for my dyspraxic self in some ways. Cheesy as it sounds my goal now is to lose more weight and in the next year or two do the race for life.

So here's to another return to live journal who knows I might even stay this time...


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